Our Plan

Our Plan

Every few years the ABL partnership writes a plan that sets out what we are going to do with the money to benefit the community. Our plan is split into the three themes of people, places and power.


We will provide opportunities for local people to get involved in the community, taking the lead on activities and events that bring people together and build community spirit. We will invest in our children and young people to have a brighter future.


A community needs vibrant, authentic and welcoming places for people to meet and mix. We want to support the creation of places where we mix with our neighbours, build new connections and develop a sense of pride in the area, including pubs, cafes, sports facilities and parks.


We want more Aberfeldy residents to have a say over the Big Local funding so that we can use it to improve the area for everyone. We want the community to play a bigger role in the changes happening in the area so that local people can benefit more from them.