Aberfeldy Big Local began life in 2015, after being awarded with £1 million of Lottery money. We were one of 150 areas across the UK to receive this money as part of the Big Local programme. The Big Local gives residents of these areas 10-15 years to use the money to make lasting and positive change in the area.

This is about putting local people in charge of the money, and tapping into the skills, passions and knowledge of residents to address local issues and get things done in the area. The funds can be used in a variety of ways, such as providing grants, social investments, loans, micro-finance and support.  Big Local supports, challenges, trains and encourages people and groups to develop and take ownership of the programme in their local area.

Aberfeldy Big Local has been getting to grips with how to use the money to improve life in Aberfeldy. We have a board that meets once a month to make decisions about what to do in the area, how to bring people together to have their say and where the money can best be spent. All our board members live in Aberfeldy. We are looking for new board members with the passion to get involved in improving our community, so if you’re interested please get in touch or feel free to attend our next meeting to find out what we’re about.

What is Aberfeldy Big Local?

Our Priorities

We have recently re-defined our priorities for the area to help guide our decisions and action. They are:

  • We want to build a stronger community in the area where people have more opportunities to spend time with their neighbours and share their interests with each other.
  • We aim to create more community spaces where people can mix with each other and have fun.
  • We want to have a bigger say over the regeneration of the area to make sure residents benefit from the coming changes.

Our Community

We are proud to be given the opportunity to help make Aberfeldy an even better place to live and to support our community to grow and have fun. Aberfeldy is a unique place in East London, which has had its fair share of troubles in the past, but which has an unusually friendly and tight knit community, compared to other places. Our area is undergoing huge change at the moment and we want to make sure that what we already have is not lost, and that we can build on it to make sure residents old and new are proud to call Aberfeldy home.

Get in touch with the Aberfeldy Big Local team

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Tommy Flowers Public House
50 Aberfeldy Street
London E14 0NU



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